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Angel Ladders

& The Sacred Hoop

The terrible secret of sexual molestation breaks the sacred hoop of life and creates anguish so pure that it flays the spirit and the mind. This autobiography answers the simplest prayer "What is wrong with me? Dear God, please what is wrong with me?"


Often in the company of my beloved dogs, I followed the guidance of spirit across the open vistas of the American Southwest, coastal redwoods and wild lands of Scotland. 


It is a journey filled with the great healers of love and laughter; the evolution of feelings and freedom from the prison of hopelessness. May your heart be filled with light as you read about a miracle.   


Just reading most of it has brought me to tears and laughter more times than I can count.

The Word of Moses-Molly Waters


This is a heart felt book written about a tough and often not spoken of subject. The author bears her heart in how she learns to heal from incest. There are funny, and sad parts to this but an all around amazing book. I enjoyed reading and rereading parts of it. It made me want to travel the world and experience the amazing places that she saw. Thank you Shaunna for sharing this amazing and healing book.

Stephanie Wisely-Howerton

Sound Cloud Audio Recordings

A Special Note





Please be advised this autobiographical literature is not intended for young readers, as there is some profanity and emotionally graphic scenarios. 


© This is copyrighted material and cannot be copied in any format.


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